I/O is a term which means “Input/Output”, communications between a computer/information systems and a person or other information systems, both analog and digital communication.

Here are some of the I/O-products we can offer:

I/O-card: PCI-1002HU

Specification: Universal PCI, 32-ch, 12-bit 40 kS/s High Gain Multi-function DAQ Board (1 k word FIFO)

I/O-unit – Perle IOLAN I/O Device Server

Description: Perle IOLAN Device Server is available in an I/O-version which can be connected to periphial digital or analogue I/O equipment for data collection or remote administration via an IP network. These units can control different types of alarms (temperature/moisture/light, access control, relay contact and error alarms) and then relay the required control signals/instructions to a centralized monitoring system for the neccesary response. Read more at:  http://www.perle.com/products/ethernet-io-device-server.shtml)

I/O-card: WDT-01

Specifikation: Intelligent WatchDog Timer Card S/W programmable from 0.01 second to 167772.15 seconds. Temperature Monitor: 0°C-75°C, precision:+-1°C Onboard 2 digital LED display Computer Power Monitor: PC Power +5V, Ext. Power +12V