Profcon has over the years delivered many standard PC keyboards from large manufacturers like Cherry, but also helped to produce customized models for industrial, military, marine or health care installations. Today we are focusing on rugged keyboards for industrial applications but through our partner network in Asia we can supply other types of keyboards upon request.

Below you will find some of the different models we have to offer. There are many different versions available depending on what you need, some are for desktop usage, others are ment to be built into other equipment/chassis. They come in aluminium/steel, membrane or silicone chassis, with or withour trackball or touchpad, and with or without backlights. Most models are IP65 classified and can be ordered with swedish or english characters.

There is also a series of separate small control models with either just a trackball or touchpad, or combined with a few function keys, and these units comes in an open frame format or in a full stand-alone chassi. These units are rugged and are available in several different configurations and colours.

Example of Industry Classed keyboards:


K-TEK-B83TP-BT is a small open frame unit with a built-in touchpad plus two control keys.


K-TEK-B78-38-TB-BT-DWP is a separate unit with a built in trackball and two separate control keys.


IP65-certified membrane keyboard for petroleum/chemical  industrial environments or hospitals (with a so called Red Clean-function). These keyboards can also operate at extreme temperatures inside cooling/freezing rooms or in very warm spaces.


Stainless steel keyboard with background lighting.


Keyboard in stainless steel with optical track ball and function keys.


Keyboard in black stainless steel with metallic keys, including a track ball. This model can be built into an external chassi or equipment.


Stand-alone black IP65 classed keyboard in aluminium with backgound lighting and built-in numeric keypad (also available in models with mechanical or optical trackball or touchpad).