Load cells

A load cell is a mechanical sensor that measures compressuring and/or pulling forces in one, two or three (XYZ) dimensions. The result is delivered in the form of a change in current levels which then can be collected, analysed and displayed on a measuring instrument or PC. These load cells can be physically very small for measuring very small forces, larger models for heavy installations and there are also torqe cells for axis rotation situations. Profcon mainly works with Interface products since they are considered to be among the best ones on the market, often used for calibration purposes, but we can also offer loads cells from a couple of other manufacturers.

Read more here about why Interface since 1969 has been considered one of the technical pioneers in the construction and production of advanced load cells.

Some load cells from Interface:  

Load Cell Sealed Super-Mini

Sealed Super-Mini Waterproof, low-priced precision-series. For measuring traction/compression. Measuring range models available: 200 N, 500 N, 1 kN, 2 kN, 5 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN, 25 kN, 50 kN.

Load Cell Multi-Axis

5200 Multi-Axis Load Cell Measures compression/traction forces in XYZ-dimensions. Capacity (lbf) 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K

3-Axis load cell

Interface has produced a series of load cells that measures compression/torsion in 3 dimensions (X,Y,Z). Available in ranges from 10N up to 50kN.

SMTM load cell

A size-wise very small load cell (only 17,5 mm * 16,4 mm * 7,0 mm), is available in 3 differen models for measuring tension and compression for 20N, 100N or 200N forces.