We have the following official certificates:

Quality policy
A satisfied customer experience shall always be the foundation of all work within OJ-gruppen. The companies shall strive for excellent quality, technical competence, flexibility and high delivery reliability. All customer contacts shall be a recommendation for future business. We will fulfil our customers demands and actively work on constant improvements.

Environmental policy
Within OJ-Gruppen we will contribute to a long term sustainable environmental development in all areas via implementation of a life-cycle thinking. This will be achieved by, as far as technically possible and economically justifiable, offering products and services with a minimum of environmental footprint, both internal and external.
To reach these goals our focus will be on the following:

  • The company shall increase the knowledge regarding environmental issues among the employees.
  • The company will work continuously with improvements according to our goals and strategies.
  • The company shall save energy, raw material and minimize waste.
  • The company shall work preventive with risks and minimizing pollution.
  • The company shall comply with applicable environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • The company shall have an ongoing dialogue with manufacturers, suppliers, customers, the government and the public regarding its environmental impact.