Monitors with Touch functionality

Today there are many types of LCD monitors with Touch functionality available on the market, both for more general useage but also models for thougher environments within the industrial, transportation, military or marine sectors where the requirements regarding moisture (IP65/66/67), dirt, vibration and extreme temperature resistance are much higher. These monitors comes in a wide range of sizes and with different specifications in terms of type of mounting, brightness, form factor, power consumption, touch technique (capacitive, resistive, IR) e t c.

Profcon works with some of the market leading manufacturers and we can therefore offer many different models and sizes, depending on the customers needs. So if you are looking for a monitor of this type with a specific configuration, just let us know, we can surely help you find a suitable model.

Exemples of Touch monitors:

LCD Monitor

Stand-alone LCD monitor in sizes from 10,4" to 24", also available in Widescreen-format.

Industrial Monitor ISMD

ISDM Series 8,4″ – 19″ Stainless steel chassis & bezel features corrosion resistance and hygenic properties. IP65 compliant front panel. Full function OSD keys in back panel.

Industrial Monitor DM

DM Series 6,5″ – 19″ Economic Industrial Display Monitor Solution Aluminum front panel meets IP65 standard. Optional RS-232 interface touch screen. Robust chassis and retention kit structure for shocking and vibration requirement. Analog VGA interface. Please contact us for further information.

Industrial Monitor SRM

SRM Series 12,1″ – 15″ 800 nits /1000 nits super high brightness daylight readable 12,1″ Anti-reflection technology. 15″ Anti-glare technology. Wide operating Temperature -10°C ~ +60°C IP65 compliant. Auto-dimming function.

Industrial Monitor TDM

TDM Series 12,1″ – 15″ Wide operating temperature -30°C ~ 70°C IP65 compliant. M models support 9~36V DC power input for mobile applications. DVI-D and Analog VGA input interface.

LCD Touch Monitors

Desktop monitors, in sizes from 10,4" to 24", come with different features depending on the customers requirements.

Open Frame Monitors

A series of Open Frame monitors (size 5,7" to 65"), availabe in a wide range of different models (Touch functionality as an option).  

Chassi LCD

Available in sizes from 5,7" to 65" (Touch functionality as an option).

Rack Mount LCD

Monitor models designed to be rack-mounted  (in 19" standard server racks), in sizes from 8,4" to 24" (Touch functionality as an option).

Rugged Monitors (IP65/66/67)

This series of rugged monitors is available in sizes from 5,7" up to 65" (withTouch functionality as an option).  Some models has IP65/66 classified fronts, other has a full IP67 MIL-standard chassi for exposed mounting.

Stainless Steel

A monitor with stanless steel bezel, available in sizes from 5,7" to 65" (Touch functionality as an option).

Zero Bezel

32" monitor model with minimal frame (also available with Touch functionality as an option).

CCTV Monitor

Desktop CCTV monitor model, available in sizes from 10,4" to 22" and also in Widescreen-format.