Profcon can as the swedish distributor for Farsites products offer a wide range of WAN/X.25-solutions, WAN/X.25-adapters, Gateways/XOT,cables and Test software, as seen in the product list below. Farsite is considered to be the technical leader in this rather nished market segment, with a very high service level and product quality level. Todays X.25-network is separated from Internet and mainly used by larger customers like banks, the defence and other governmental sectors for non-highspeed secure data communication.

One specific market segment are the companies that have previously used the EiconCard S94-communication cards from Eicon/Dialogic in their WAN/X.25 solutions. Many of these cards are still in use but as they are now obsolete it might be difficult to find any as spare parts. It is however possible to replace them with Farsites T4U-cards instead, please contact us for further information if this sounds interesting.

For more product details please visit Farsites own homepage at: (http://www.farsite.se). You can also contact our Sales Department for further information.

WAN/X.25-produkter från Farsite:

WAN/X.25 – Cards/Adapters

FarSync, synchronous adapters and cards for TCP/IP and low level API – USB, PCI, PCIe and PCMCIA

USB Adapters for Linux and Windows

  • FarSync FlexV3 – synkron 1-port USB-adapter (temperature range -20 to +70 C).

Universal PCI-cards for Linux and Windows

  • FarSync T2U – PCM

WAN/X.25 – Gateways/XOT

FarLinX, XOT and TCP-to-X.25 Gateway Appliance

  • FarLinX XOT Gateway (up to 2.000 sessions).
  • FarLinX Gateway FarLinX X.25 Gateway – supports XOT and TCP-to-X.25 conversion plus POS option (APACS, ISO 8583, SIBS)
  • FarLinX TCP-X.25 GP Gateway – supports TCP-to-X.25 konvertering
  • FarLinX TCP-X.25 POS Gateway – supports POS protocol (APACS, ISO 8583, SIBS)
  • FarLinX TCP-X.25

WAN/X.25 – BERT Test software

Monitor and line tester

  •  BERT – Communication line/quality tester (for Windows XP, Vista and 7)

FarSync BERT Tester-USB offers an extensive and easy-to-use all-in-one line tester solution (asynchron and synchron communication) up to 2Mbits/S) for laptop or desktop PCs with a USB-port. Cables are included and the product supports all BERT