RFID products

The term RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, a technology by which identification data on a transponder or “tag” remotely can be collected via wireless radiowaves. These tags can be very small and for example placed inside a parcel or price tag giving each individual unit a unique ID. There are also more advanced RFID tags that measures moisture, temperature changes, shocks and time for logging handling of sensitive goods.

These products are sold as either complete units or as kits for customized solutions, and we coperate with some of the market leading brands.

Some of our RFID products:

RFID-reader: Mifare Reader\13.56MHz RFID Reader

 Specification: Ethernet interface with PoE option Built-in relay control Reads Mifare cards Configurable LED and buzzer Weather resistant design for indoor/outdoor usage Application: Access control IN/OUT Gate access Car Parking application

RFID-reader: PA2183/PA2713 RFiD Reader Module

Specification: Power requirement: 5VDC +-5%  at 55mA typical Frequency: 125KHz. Read Range: 70mm with ISO card *1 Interface: MSR ABA track2. Wire length: 100 mm Transponder: Read only. Card type: EM compatible

RFID-reader: GP60A

Powerful Extended Range Proximity Reader A powerful extended range proximity reader featuring small dimensions and a read range of up to 60 cm . The unit will run from any voltage from 5 to 13.5 dc and making it particularly suited to access control ,car parking and through-wall reading applications .The same basic unit can be configured to output most of the common interface formats ,including Wiegand , Mag-stripe and RS-232 serial ASCII output, RS485, making it easy to upgrade the existing installations