Barcode and Card Readers

Today barcode and magnetic card readers are being used in many different areas in our society, like for example in checkpoint-systems, price tag systems in stores or as identification documentaation on parcels. Most of our credit cards, membership cards, and ATM-cards have magnetic strips for individual and safe access to different services. There are also models of these products with built-in biometric features for fingerprint identification or with RFID functionality for remote identification.

Some of our Barcode and Card Reader products:

Barcode & Card reader TR510

Specification: Simple to setup and operate, this Time and Attendance Terminal provides all the basic Time Recorder functionality in an attractive and cost-efficient package. The TR510 is extremely easy to use. The User only needs to push the appropriate button (IN or OUT) and read his/her ID-card to register. A

Barcode & Card reader TR4020/TR4030

Specification: The TR4020 and TR4030 are online Time Recorders with built-in Floppy Disk Drive. Both models can be used as offline, as well as online Terminals. Offline mode: the TR40xx accumulates the Time and Attendance data into its internal non-volatile memory. Later, the data can be copied onto a standard

Barcode & Card reader – TR4050

Specification: The TR4050 Time and Attendance Terminal is an extremely easy of use Fingerprint Time recorder. The User only needs to read his/her fingerprint to the terminal and a new database record is created every time when a fingerprint is read.   The new TR4050 also adds online communications capability and numerous