The manufacturer Perle has a wide range of units with serial ports (RS232/422/485) in one end and a LAN-port in the other. This product family is generally called IOLAN and the are used in data centers, hospital operatingrooms, CCTV-systems, stores, test labs, or in any other place where you want to connect periphial units with a serial interface to a standard LAN.

There are 3 different IOLAN-versions:

Perle IOLAN Device Servers

Perle IOLAN Serial Device Servers offers quick and easy connectivity for existing equipment with RS232/422/485 interface via LAN or Ethernet. These advanced Serial Device Servers are the best choice when connecting asynchronous pheripials like modems, POS-terminals, printers and other industrial IT-equipment with serial COM-ports via LAN to cetralized UDP or TCP socket-based applications. There are several different available models with 1-32 ports, and versions with support for 48VDC, Extended Temperature Range, Power Over Ethernet (PoE), Universal High Voltage AC/DC, Hazardous Environment (Class 1 Division 2 Certification) or with built-in V.92 modem. Read more about the different models here:

Perle IOLAN Console Servers / Data Center Management

Perle IOLAN Console Servers, usually called serial console or terminal servers gives a data center administrator the tools they most needs – secure remote administrations of routers, switches, firewalls, servers (Solaris, Windows, Unix and Linux), PBX:es and all other units with a serial console port. Perle offers IT/network staff the only serial console server products on the market with the necessary avanced security features for simple and secure remote administration from anywhere in the world. All of Perles IOLAN Console Servers has built-in SSH/SSL encryption, support for clustering/failover and they come with 8-48 serial ports, plus in a wide range of models with other features (redundant LAN and Power Supply, internal V.92 modem e t c). Read more about the whole range here:

Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers

Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers easily and securely connects equipments with serial RS232 ports to Ethernet for access to network based server applications. And the unique software “TrueSerial® technology” in combination with a Terminal Server gives you guaranteed full authentic serial communication. These advanced serial-to-Ethernet products are the best choice to connect asynchronous network equipment like Cisco console ports, POS-terminals, servers, modems, card readers and other industrial units to TCP/IP Ethernet. There are different models with 2-24 ports and for 48VDC power environments. Read more about the whole range here: