varumarke_perle_Brand – Perle Systems Inc

Perle is a Canadian company with over 25 years of experience in designing and producing a wide range of communication hardware products under their own brand. Today they have offices in 11 countries and hundreds of successful distributors around the world. Profcon have been their nordic distributor since the mid-90s.

Perle are specialized in hardware for serial communication, their product portfolio includes Terminal/Console/Device and I/O server units, Medie Converters, Ethernet Switches, Ethernet Extenders, Multiport Serial Cards e t c. These products makes it possible to connect different types of periphial units with serial interface via LAN/fiber links to centralized platform systems such as Windows and Linux/Unix. Perle offers a so called “Limited Life Time Warranty” on most of their products, which are also RoHS-certified.

Perle are constantly developing thier products to fulfill the latest market standards and new firmware versions firmware are available at no cost on their homepage, where you will also find more detailed product specifications: