Power supplys

Power supplys are a vital part of a computer or other technical instruments. These must be able to deliver a stable and accurate source of power in different environments preferably withour being affected or itself interfear with other components in its surroundings. Profcon has chosen to work with manufacturers of high quality power supplys and we can also do customizations per request.

Examples of Power supplys:

Power supply

SPU-100 AC-DC Single Ouput SPU-100-05 5V/20A SPU-100-12 12V/8.5A * SPU-100-15 15V/6.8A * SPU-100-24 24V/4.2A SPU-100-28 28V/3.6A * SPU-100-48 48V/2.1A * *) MOQ 200 pcs

Power supply

SPU-150 AC-DC Dual/Quad Output (Max 150W) SPU-150-D1 7.5V/18A, 5V/3A SPU-150-D2 12V/12A, 5V/3A SPU-150-D3 24V/6A, 5V/3A SPU-150-Q1 5V/25A, 12V/10A, -12V/1.5A, -5V/1A SPU-150-Q2 5V/20A, 15V/8A, -15V/1.5A, -5V/1A SPU-150-Q3 5V/20A, 12V/8A, -12V/1.5A, 24V/2A

Power supply

SPS-060-Q1 AC-DC Quad Output (Max 60W) 5V/7A,12V/3A,-5V/1A,-12V/1A

Redundant AC-DC Dual/Quad Output

This advanced and redundant power supply is available in two different models: RAM-2807P2 5V/85A, 12V/20A Max 400W/400W RAM-2663P4 5V/75A, 12V/16A, -5V/0.5A, 12V/1A Max 330W/330W