Serial/Parallel port cards – Perle

Serial port cards: Perles serial port cards makes it possible in a simple way to add extra RS232, RS422 and/or RS485-ports to a PC or server, with options for 1-16 additional ports either monted directly on the card or via an external cable plus an expansion box. These cards are available for PCI, PCI-X or the PCI Express-bus (some models are in so called Low Profile-format), and they also have support for all the major OS platforms on the market (Windows, Vista, Linux, Solaris, SPARC, SCO OpenServer and UnixWare). Read more about the different models on Perles homepage:






Parallel port cards: Perles parallel port cards for the PCI-bus makes it possible to add additional parallel ports with full support for the IEEE 1248-standard to a PC or a server. These cards supports both the PCI and PCI Express-bussen and are also available in Low Profile-format.  Perle even has models with both serial and parallel ports onboard. Read more about these products here:

Serial/Parallel port cards – Axxon

The Canadian company Axxon/Softio produces a series of low-cost communication cards with serial RS232/422/485-ports (1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 ports). These cards have support for most Windows OS platforms (Win95/98/ME/XP/2000/2003/Vista/7/8, 32 and 64-bit) but also for Linux (32 and 64 bitar), VMware and QOS-miljö. Some of the cards also have parallel port for communication with for example older printers. Read more about their portfolio here.