Panel PC

Panel PCs are basically flat screen monitors with built-in PCs and the relative thin physical shape makes them suitable to hang on a wall like a TV, to be mounted in a vehicle dashboard or in similar environments. The size vary from 6-7″ up to 80″ depending on the situation and need. Today these panel PCs are normally controlled via a touch screen interface but a standard keyboard and mouse can also be used.

Profcon offers standard panel PCs but also more specific models for building automation, military, marine och helthcare useage where higher demands on climate/temperature/water resistance and external toughness against shock and vibrations are required. These PCs can be delivered with or without any kind of Windows OS version pre-installed, or with customized  versions of Linux (Ubuntu) per request. Please contact our Sales Department if you want further information regarding this option.

Here are som examples of panel PCs we can offer:

PPC-T-104-4-32 10,4″ Panel PC.

10,4” Panel PC. A small Panel PC with basically the same features and power as our other larger models in this series. Contact our Sales


This touch panel PC is specifically designed for health care environments (so called POC, Point-Of-Care) with extra high demands regarding image quality and sharpness (to

AFL 5,6″-19″ 4:3/16:9

AFL AfoLux 5,6″ – 19″ 4:3 (also available in 16:9 format) AMD LX-800 500MHz / Intel Atom 1.6GHz / Intel Celeron 1GHz WLAN, Bluetooth, 2


Specifications: Intel® Atom™ Dual Core Processor D525 1.8GHz Default 2GB DDR3 Memory Removable HDD Fanless Design Wide DC 11~32V Power Input Power Input by 3

18,5″/21,5″/24″ Panel PC series.

Since many of our customers have asked for larger size Panel PCs we are now introducing 18,5"/21,5"/24" size models. The hardware specifications for all three