Handheld Terminals

A handheld terminal is different from a portable computers in several details, they normally do not have an integrated full computer operating system (like Windows, Linux, IOS or Android) but are rather DOS-based and mortly has a simple graphic display for character based applications. It is also often very specificly adapted for a certain environment  like inventory och controlling industrial equipment.

Today Profcon AB represent the US-based manufacturer Two Technologies and below you can see some of their terminal models. If you want to read more about the company or detailed product information, please visit their homepage: http://www.2t.com

Here are some examples of Handheld Terminals:


Advanced handheld terminal:

  • Three (3) positions Liveman Switch
  • Large Display – 8 lines x 24 characters or 16 lines x 32 characters
  • Programmable keys, as characters or strings
  • Programmable Display characters


Competent handheld terminal:

  • ANSI 3.64 (VT-100) compatible
  • Programmable keys, either as characters or strings
  • Advanced Control Mode (ACM)
  • Programmable Display