The TR4020 and TR4030 are online Time Recorders with built-in Floppy Disk Drive. Both models can be used as offline, as well as online Terminals. Offline mode: the TR40xx accumulates the Time and Attendance data into its internal non-volatile memory. Later, the data can be copied onto a standard 3.5″ Floppy Disk, then opened and viewed on any PC. Online mode: the TR40xx can be accessed remotely via its communications ports: RS232 for the TR4020, and Ethernet (UTP) for the TR4030. The TR400xx series Time Recorders have many fine points such as Large graphic LCD and the ability to display massages in different languages are just some of their important features.

The features of USB Disk: 1. Full Speed USB-Host port, compatible with USB V2.0 2. Support USB-Disk File System: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 3. Support USB-Disk volume up to 100GB 4. Support multi-directory 5. Use “date” as file name when saving file (.txt file) 6. Set login-password-file to prevent downloading data inadvertently