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skyDesk from Thinspace is one part of their skySpace-suite, a very affordable alternative to the main competitor Citrix as well as a complement to Microsofts own Terminal Services-solution included in all Windows Server platforms. With skyDesk it is possible to administrate users, applications and servers within an organisation in a simple and secure way, all inside a well-known Windows environment.

The licensing model is for Concurrent Users and in the base price a 1 Year maintenance contract is included. Additional customized support contracts can be offered upon request.

Customers with a valid maintenance contract gets access to new versions of the product free of charge. To get hold of new software versions please email us at with your maintenance contract and company/contact details.

Note! A customer that allows their maintenance contract to be expired for more than 90 days has to pay a new full license fee before any maintenance contract can be renewed again. Upgrades are only available to customers with valid maintenance contracts.

Thinspace skyDesk ASP-model

With the growing need for outsourcing/Cloud solutions and so called Application Service Providers (ASP) in mind Thinspace offers a specific licensing model for this market segment. To qualify for skyDesk ASP you only need sign up for 5 or more users. The license fees are invoiced each month and a full maintenance contract is included in the price. An ASP-installation can at any time easily be scaled up or down in terms of the numbers of active users, and these changes will then be considered on the next monthly report and charged for on the next monthly invoice.

The ASP-model requires at least 5 users per server installation.One license key is delivered via email together with a “Software License Agreement”-document. The ASP Licenses is always for Concurrent numbes of users. It is also possible to convert older Thinspace liceses as long as they are of  the latest version. With any conversion a copy of the old Base Key-licence dokument must be included with any ASP purchase order, sincce that old key is used to generate a new license key.

Usage Reports: On the last day of each calendar month at the latest an ASP-customers must send a signed usage report via email to us. In the report you must state how many active user licenses you have had during the last month, and this figure will then be used as a base to calculate the monthly invoice. Any termination of an ASP license has to be given to us on a 30 day notice and viceversa.

Licens control: Thinspace owns the right to at anytime  order an “audit” of the ASP license usage as a verification of the written reports.

Read more about skyDesk och and the whole skySpace-suit on their homepage: