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Special monitors

In this product category we have gathered monitors that is diffrent from regular models in either format och functionality, like so called KVM-switches or “Display Walls” as well as some periphial products.

Examples of Special monitors:

KVM switch

This KVM switch consists of a display (15" and 17" models available) and a keyboard combined in a withdrawable chassi for mounting in a standard 19" server rack.

Stretched Display

Displays in an "elongated" shape/format, primarily used for digital signing systems. In sizes from 12,2" to 49".

Display Wall Controller

A special purpose PC system for controlling up to 5 screens in a Display Wall simultaneously (there are also models for controlling 10 screens at the same time).

Display Wall

A Display Wall ia a combination of 2 or more flat screens where the total frame surface shows one image/video controlled by a PC. They can be mounted in a number of different configurations based on 42", 46" eller 55" screens, depending on if you want a Landscape or Portrait format or if the screens wull be monuted on a wall or on a movable frame. Please contact us for further information.